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    This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Untug Offline. Guide Index. Author Note:. Features of Exile. Understanding the "HUD" Icons. Surviving Exile "Basics". Currency "Pop Tabs". Trader Cities.Crafting refers to creating or improving items by adding and removing modifiers.

    There are a variety of methods to do this, including randomly with certain orbs and other currencyand sometimes with the help of fixed vendor recipesthe Crafting Benchor masters. Path of Exile's in-game currency is required for both crafting and trading items. Since most crafting techniques are costly and unpredictable, only the most succesful crafting attempts are cost-efficient.

    As a result it is often preferable to buy a desired item from another player instead of crafting it yourself. As a rule of thumb, advanced crafting for equipment and weapons should also be avoided until the player has access to high level items with an item level of 80 or more to make sure the highest tier of modifiers is available.

    Despite its unpredictability and high initial capital requirement, successful crafts can be very lucrative for the player s involved. There might be a buyer willing to pay more than the initial investment and allow you to make a profit. Owners of the crafted item can also set up a mirror servicethrough which other players use their Mirrors of Kalandra to make a copy of the crafted item. The owner of the crafted item is paid a fixed mirror fee everytime a player mirrors his item.

    This repeated income can be used to earn back the crafting investment. Under some circumstances, an item with the desired combination of mods may simply not yet exist. In that case crafting it is the only way of obtaining it. There are a number of crafting techniques that you can choose from.

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    They differ in terms of the amount of orbs required, as well as the rarity of the base item and the item you're going to craft. You have a few options to directly upgrade a white normal item to either a magic or rare item.

    They don't require very expensive currency, but don't have much customization possible either. One orb will usually do the job. There are three ways to do this taken from Invalesco's Crafting Guide [1]. Instead of changing all the modifiers on an item at once, you can also add each one separately. This is a more reliable way of crafting and you can make sure that you add only desirable mods. This is however quite pricey and therefore you are recommended to only use these techniques to craft high-level gear.

    These methods are taken from Invalesco's crafting guide. Using the Crafting Bench located in your hideoutit is possible to craft a specific modifier. Crafting recipes can be found in certain areas and maps, as well as via master content. By default, every item is limited to one of these mods, but there are ways to bypass that limit.

    Master crafting common stats like life or resistances is relatively inexpensive and is not exclusively done in the endgame. Even on lower-level characters, adding stats for some more survivability is worthwile and can help the player greatly. The existence of a crafted master mod on an item prevents a mod of the same type from being added via an Exalted Orb Exalted Orb Stack Size: 10 Augments a rare item with a new random modifier Right click this item then left click a rare item to apply it.

    Rare items can have up to six random modifiers. The item's Catalyst quality increases the chance of applying a modifier which matches the quality type.

    craft to exile wiki

    Shift click to unstack. This means that master mods can be added to an item temporarily to block that type, effectively removing it from the pool of possible mods. This is a very useful technique to increase the odds of getting a desired mod. The more advanced master crafting techniques mainly revolve around the interaction between meta-crafting mods and Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring Stack Size: 30 Removes all modifiers from an item Right click this item then left click on a magic or rare item to apply it.

    Although the orb's description says it Removes all properties from an itemmodifiers protected by meta-crafting mods will remain untouched. This way, players can lock in modifiers without losing all the other modifiers. Meta-crafting recipes can be found in the last chain of each Pale Council prophecy. Using the Can have multiple Crafted Mods meta-crafting mod to combine multiple other meta-crafting mods allows for even more control of the item.Focused progression and exploration is the main goal of the modpack.

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    Craft to Exile [Dissonance] is a 1. Mods in the modpack aim to enhance the players' experience with Mine and Slash - a thorough RPG mod dedicated to exploration. At its core, Craft to Exile turns Minecraft into an action RPG which focuses on exploration, character development, and looting. However, [Dissonance] and [Harmony] are sister-packs and both have different philosophies regarding their development.

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    Although [Harmony] was released later, it is not 'better'. Representative of its namesake, it provides player with an experience more akin to vanilla than [Dissonance].

    Every so often, mobs will attack you and try to invade your base. To accompany this, mobs scale with your level in every dimension including the Overworld.

    Rather than limit dimensions to a narrow level range, in [Harmony], all dimensions have the potential of reaching max level. On the other hand, [Dissonance] was the first of the two packs and features more linear progression. One of [Dissonance]'s main hallmarks is its depth: MineColonies, technology mods, and its quest log all lend into this. After all, a resolution can only be found when there is dissonance. TL;DR - If you're looking for a more streamlined progression system with more in-depth character customization, then I suggest you pick [Dissonance].

    If you're looking for a more vanilla-esque experience with strong ARPG elements, or the idea of defending your base from mobs every few nights appeals to you, then pick [Harmony]. It's worth noting that in terms of CPU load, [Harmony] is much lighter. In the end, you can't really go wrong with either decision and you're welcome to try both!

    Official servers are provided for both Craft to Exile packs! Builds from GitHub are experimental. Visit the Curse page here to download the latest version of Craft to Exile [Dissonance]. GitHub for Server Pack. If you have any issues or would like to collaborate with me on this project, please contact me through my Discord server. Skip to content. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit.

    craft to exile wiki

    Git stats commits.The Crafting Bench lets players craft a modifier into equipment or modify sockets and links at the cost of some currency. It can be found in the player's hideout. Typically, only one crafted modifier may be added to an item; the crafted modifier is shown in a brighter color than regular mods. Crafting a mod follows the normal affix rules. It is possible to craft more than one mod onto an item with the of Crafting of Crafting Suffix Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers meta-crafting mod.

    Players can remove a crafted mod from an item with an Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring Stack Size: 30 Removes all modifiers from an item Right click this item then left click on a magic or rare item to apply it. Shift click to unstack. If the item already has a crafted mod, the recipe will automatically use a Orb of Scouring to add a different crafted mod. There are also recipes which modify the number of sockets, socket colors, or links on the item.

    Players may use socket recipes on corrupted equipment, which will require the same amount of Vaal Orbs Vaal Orb Stack Size: 10 Corrupts an item, modifying it unpredictably Right click this item then left click an item to corrupt it.

    Corrupted items cannot be modified again. The Crafting Bench will fully track, and use, items in your Stash as well. Crafting recipes are discovered in various locations across multiple content.

    The type of location depends on which category of recipe it is, or in other words which master it belongs to.

    Navali's meta-crafting recipes are found in the final chain of the Pale Court prophecies. Most of helena's crafting options need to be unlocked by clicking objects in specific locations.

    Some low-tier crafting options are unlocked from the beginning. Jun's recipes are unlocked by unveiling items with the modifiers on them. Each unveil gives a specific amount of process towards an unlock and if the threshold is reached, the next rank is unlocked.

    Higher ranks require more unlocks, but some missions may give more progress as well. Some veiled mods can only drop from a specific Immortal Syndicate member. The following types of modifiers can only obtained from specific veiled items dropped by a Immortal Syndicate member. Sign In. From Path of Exile Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Cost Affix type Stats Item Classes Categories 3x Chaos Orb Other One of the options available from this device will be applied at random, including options you have not yet unlocked.

    Opens a random Map of the same Tier with random Mods. Excludes the Map placed in the device. Opens a version of your Map that is 5 Tiers higher, with random Mods. Opens a version of your Map that is 5 Tiers higher, with random Mods and a chance to be Corrupted.

    Opens a version of your Map that is set to Tier 16, with random Mods and a chance to be Corrupted. The item's quality increases the chances of obtaining more links. The item's quality increases the chances of obtaining more sockets. Category : Hideout Doodads.The new watchstone crafting base is now available as well as maven's elevated mod information.

    craft to exile wiki

    You can view elevated mods by hovering over the maven orb icon next to each eligible mod. Additionnally mods have been updated to 3. Soon to come are the new exotic implicit item bases.

    How to use. Please note that you are currently viewing a past league. RAW Export. Annul bad mod. There are no bases or items matching this search term. For meta-crafting to be valid you must have an affix type fully built as well as at least 2 required affixes on the other affix type that are not part of the same mod group.

    craft to exile wiki

    Ex: 3 suffixes set as present on the item and 2 prefixes set as required. Close all groups. There are no affixes matching this search term. Simulation is not available for this method of crafting. Start real-time simulation. Continue simulation. If this is your first time using the site or if you are having trouble achieving your goal please check out the How to Use and FAQ pages first.

    New features! You can now change the language in the upper left, multi-language support is partial and translation is an ongoing process.

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